Wednesday, August 24, 2011

in which I plan a trip out west...

I have just returned from Powell House, from a powerful and moving weekend led by Noah Baker Merrill.  It was thought provoking for me, and I will post about it later, when I have my words in order.  right now I am sending out a letter, that you may have seen on Facebook, or in your inbox, or heard at your meeting, but here it is, again.  I am taking a trip across the great state of New York.  September 14-21, 2011.  I want to meet as many Young Adult Friends as I can in that week!!  SO, read my schedule, and let me know of anyone I can meet.  If you are in that area, do speak up!  I cannot wait to see all of you!

Dear Friend,

My name is Gabi Savory Bailey, and I am the Young Adult Field Secretary for NYYM. I am making a trip out to your region! I am really looking forward to connecting with your Young Adult Friends. If there is time, I can also try to be available to speak with you, or members of your meeting who have questions, or concerns regarding Young Adult Friends in your meeting or Region.

I plan on making a trip in September. Here is my itinerary as it stands now. I will say where I will be staying that night, the days are flexible on how I break things up. In parenthesis are the meetings with which I hope to connect.

Wednesday 9/14 Albany area (Albany, Saratoga, Adirondack, Old Chatham, Hudson, Schenectady and others close by)

Thursday 9/15 Ithaca Area (Ithaca, Poplar Ridge, Central Finger Lakes, Perry City, Syracuse?)

Friday-Saturday 9/16-9/17 Buffalo for Farmington-Scipio Fall Gathering

Sunday 9/18 Rochester

Monday 9/19 Clinton (Mohawk Valley, Hamilton)

Tuesday 9/20 Binghamton (Butternuts, Binghamton, Unadilla)

I am still looking for Hospitality for me, My husband, and my infant daughter for the night in the Binghamton area.

Here is where I need your help. I need to know who the Young Adults in your meetings are, so that I can meet them! The age range for Young Adults is 18-35 ish. This can include families. I would love if you could help me advertise, and send my information to as many people that would fall into that category. Are there new attenders or members that might benefit from meeting other Young Adults in the area? It might be nice, if there are not many in your meeting, to meet others who are in the “neighborhood.” We can meet in the form of Worship, Worship Sharing, pure social gathering, potluck, a meal, a hike, we can be creative.

I will be at the Farmington Scipio Fall Gathering as well, and would love to see as many Young Adult Friends there as possible.

SO, please send this email to as many people as you can. Please announce it at Meeting for Worship. Please call YAF who might be interested but need encouragement. Please send me the information of YAF in your meeting.

If I can answer any questions, do not hesitate to call me. My email is
My phone number is 607.749.0088

Thank you for your Help and Support.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

In which I look back at Silver Bay, and forward to PoHo, and BEYOND!

Hello Friends!

I am writing some time after Summer Sessions at Silver Bay.  It was a wonderful week.  I was grateful to be there.  I loved spending time with so many passionate, fabulous people.  :)

I gave my report to the body on Thursday, July 21.  The text of the report is at the end of this post, for those who are interested.  I felt it was well received.  I welcome feedback. :)

I returned home and heard news the other day that Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has discontinued the staff position of The YA coordinator.  This is very sad news, and I know that there are many who are not easy with this action.  I am holding that community in the light as they sit in this unsettled time.  See the PYM website for the YAF Epistle.

There is a fabulous weekend coming up at Powell House August 19-21.  Please look on the website  It is important to sign up soon, as they are doing the food numbers!!  It promises to be a deep and meaningful weekend.  There are plenty of funds available to help, and I can assist in arranging transportation if you need.  SPREAD THE WORD! :)

I hope that each of you are doing well, feeling light, and enjoying the summer.


Here is the text of my report.

Good morning Friends,

I am so pleased to be with you here this morning. I have been doing the work of the Young Adult Field Secretary now since the end of March of this year. It is with Grace that I have taken each step, and I truly feel that Spirit is moving in my work, as well as in the meetings and regions of New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM). In each of the places I have visited I have felt supported, loved, and met with enthusiastic joy. From so many Friends I hear a hunger for Intergenerational community. I am so grateful for the reception that I get and the outreach that Friends offer me. The emails and phone calls wishing to include Young Adults in the life of the Monthly and Yearly meetings show that Friends want to use me as a resource, want to work with each other, and have a desire to include as many people as possible.

Here is a brief summary of the work I have been doing thus far:
I have made visits to Spring Sessions, Circle of Young Friends (CYF) conference, Elmira, Young Adult Friends (YAF) gathering in Ithaca/poplar ridge area, Morningside, YAF gathering in New York City , All Friends Regional Meeting, Farmington Scipio Spring Gathering, Brooklyn Monthly Meeting, Ridgewood Monthly Meeting. For a total of 10 events/visits. I have found YAF at each of the visits. Some meetings were one, or two YAF. Others have many, more than most Monthly Meeting (MM) memberships. Many were YAF who had families, or were over 30. In two Meetings there were YAF, with Families, becoming members. In some regions there are pockets of YAF who don't have many others near by. I have realized that many YAF are in these small pockets, and that they may or may not be aware of other YAF in their region or in NYYM. I hope to find ways to pull these Friends together, and to make bigger groups out of the smaller ones. My hope is that by getting Friends together, and getting to know Friends better, that we will discover gifts in our body that will work to serve on many levels. Those YAF will also feel part of a larger community, with members that are closer to them in age and life stage.

I have established multiple ways of reaching me, on business cards, cell phone, face book, skype and email. I created a blog and Flyers.I have sent messages to all MM and Regional Meeting (RM) clerks, as well as our existing data base for YAF in NYYM. Please look for my flyers and business cards in the Moser book table bags. I would love for each meeting and worship group to have these so that new attenders and members, as well as long term ones, can have my information.
Young Adults Concerns Committee is still working hard, I do not replace them, and I hope for my work to compliment their spirit filled work.

One particular focus I have been thinking about is reminding Friends that YAF includes people up to age 35. This is often tricky, because by one's 30s often someone is quite established, with children, a career, a house. They can be professionals. They do not always stand out as YAF age. We also stop knowing people's ages when they come to our meeting as adults, and not as the youth who grew up there. It isn't polite to ask them their age, and as they are more settled, we may not know that they are still in that YAF age range. Please keep that in mind when identifying YAF in your meetings. I often solve this not by asking their ages, but by announcing that the age range is 18-35. That way they can identify themselves how they would like.

I would also like to ask Friends for your patience. This is a big job to do in 20 hours a week. I do not work every day. I try to check email and voice mail daily, but do not always get to call people back immediately. I am also still learning how to balance the unique needs of this job with my own life. I will get back to you when you contact me, but it may take a little bit. I also ask for your prayers and understanding as I travel and explore this work.

I would like to bring to Friends what has been brought to my heart. I ask your patience and prayers for the potentially messy delivery of my human interpretation of a message I have been given. When I arrived here this week, I promptly lost my voice, literally, could not speak. This is not good for a week when I have to speak to people, to get to know people. I began to silently freak out. But the message came to me that perhaps I am not meant to talk so much, perhaps I am meant to listen. So I listened. And I heard a lot, all in the first day. I began to feel heavy, and was not sure of my path. A Friend, noting my illness, and fatigue asked me if I had someone to help me, to hold me in prayer. I replied that I had an anchor committee, at home. She encouraged me to ask for help here this week, and helped me name people who were gifted in ways that I needed help. No sooner had I done that, several Friends, of a variety of ages, were happy to hold me and my work, their gifts for eldering, listening and being present immediately lightened my load, and I no longer felt the burden in the same way. This was Spirit moving.

I would like everyone to think about the first 2 or 3 things they would say when asked to describe themselves. If you cannot think of anything, how would your friends describe you? (turn to someone nearby and tell them the 2 or three words.) Perhaps you thought of your vocation, or that you are a parent, or a hobby. Perhaps you thought of yourself as a student, a graduate, a friend. Perhaps you thought of the work you do at Meeting or in your community. Perhaps you thought of yourself in or out of a key relationship. Perhaps you thought of your gifts, a good listener, an elder, an artist, a musician, a writer, a peacemaker. If it is your birthday, perhaps you thought of your age first. Can I see a show of hands of people who listed their age as how they describe themselves. If it isn't your birthday, you probably didn't.

In the past few months I have had countless conversations and received many emails that go something like this... “ I need __ YAF for ________ committee, cause, event.” This is wonderful and the immediate response to my position, and the number of requests I get indicates that there is a real desire to include all generations. This excitement is critical, and deeply felt.

I invite you to imagine this scenario. What if someone walked up to you and asked you how old you were, maybe they asked your name too. When you replied that you were 63, they immediately asked you to be on a committee stating that they were looking for 2 people, between 55 and 65. How would that sit with you? I have experienced a version of this. I can tell you it did not feel good, and did not make me want to serve on that committee. I have also been told that they were happy to have a young person on the committee, instead of stating why they were glad to have ME on that committee. When identified merely as someone of a certain age, or that is “young” I did not know why I was being asked more than just a body to fill a slot. I want all the people in the Meeting who are led to be able to serve as they are led. The tricky thing is that I do not have a pool of YAF from which to draw. I do not know everyone yet, and I may never. I can publicize the request, but this too is empty because I am not familiar with the work of the person requesting the YAF. I am working on, and praying on, a way that we can make known what work needs to be done, and communicate that widely, past the people who always get asked, and to everyone, so that those who hunger for work that fits their needs, get fed. And this is where we will all have to work.

I think that is because Spirit works through us at all ages. Age is no factor for the work of God. Some of my most valuable moments with Spirit have been with very old, and very young people. It did not matter their age, but the lesson I learned, and the gifts we exchanged. God works through our gifts, and our ability to receive those gifts. But there is a built in trick. In order to see that work, to know God, I believe we have to listen, get to know and be open to our gifts and those of others. We have to spend time with each other, be present with each other, and help to coax those gifts out if the other is unaware or reluctant to see their own gifts. This takes time, and it takes patience. It takes a conscious effort to be open and aware.

So with that passion, the desire to integrate our body, here is my question. How can this happen? How can we channel the enthusiasm into integration of all ages? How do we focus on knowing our gifts? I am sure you can think of some ways. For me it usually happens through activity, action. I know those best with whom I have labored. I get close to people when I work with them, travel with them, worship with them, share a project. In times of action, gifts come forward. There are leaders, organizers, editors, timekeepers, collaborators, brainstormers, ministers, people who can make a plan come together. But all these gifts are inspired by action. A goal. Friends have a strong history of action. We have moved mountains. It is the gifts of the Spirit that made that happen. When called Friends answer with that of God.

If there is a committee of people above 80, all of whom have a passion for a cause, who commit their time and gifts to that cause, who talk about their cause, and who live their gifts, that is a thriving committee, no matter what the age of the members. That is the work that is needed. That is who is led to that work. They will do the work, others will see, and if they are led, they will join, regardless of their age.

The powerful thing that can happen when we look at gifts, and get to know others in our community, is that there is a much wider group from which to harvest those gifts. I know it happens all over that the same energetic, enthusiastic, generous people get asked to do work over and over. Mostly because they will say yes, rather than being asked specifically because of their gifts. I believe this is how we see burn out. If we use passion and gifts as the motor, and spirit as the rudder, I wonder how many more people we could include so that the work is light, and the blessings are many. I have faith that if the work is strong, and the groups are active, and that the word gets out, that the right people will be led to the work.

In that vein, I ask you to get to know each other. Talk to other people. What would happen if you went through your meeting directory and listed the gifts of each person in it? Could you do it? If you could not, maybe you would go out of your way to fill in the holes, and get to know the people you left blank. Please do not be shy about spreading the word about your work. We are all working together. I would like to see this Yearly meeting work from a point of power, focusing on gifts, not age to continue the work of the Spirit. I leave you with a queary.

How are we faithful to the leadings and gifts from God and nurture those in ourselves and others, regardless of age, encouraging and supporting each other at each stage of life?

Friday, July 1, 2011

In which we look beyond Silver Bay...

OK, so Summer Sessions has not yet happened.  BUT I am looking into the future, and planning what is coming up.  Here is a collection of things coming up...

Powell House, our retreat center, has amazing programming all year!
 August 19-21 there is the last of the Feeding the Fire Series.  It is being hosted by two Friends from New England YM. it is a collaboration between CYF and  the Spiritual Nurture Working Group.  No money to attend?  NO PROBLEM. There is funding for YAF to go, for FREE to this conference.  and there is assistance available from a variety of sources.  Please see me if you are interested.

This is a big year at PoHo.  It turns 50. August  Many of us have been touched in a variety of ways by this magical place, an oasis for us to use.  There is a fun weekend planned, for August 25-28, at reduced rates, that looks wonderful.  It would be a great place to meet up with old Ffriends, and meet new YAF.

Here is a complete calendar for the rest of this year and next.

In January there are wonderful opportunities. Plan ahead!  One of my favorite weekends, and one I am co-leading, is the Creativity weekend the first weekend in February.  It is a delicious weekend of sinking into spirit through different creative mediums.  Please consider it.

But the fun does not stop at Po Ho. Oh NO!

I will be attending the regional meeting for Shrewsbury and Plainfield Half Yearly Meeting on September 24.  It would be great to organize a gathering of YAF there.

I will be attending Fall Sessions as well on November 11-13.  Let me put in a plug for Fall and Spring Sessions.  I actually really like them.  I love seeing Friends from NYYM that I would otherwise only see at Silver Bay.  I like bouncing in and out of the committee meetings, and choosing things that I am interested in.  I really like meals, and getting to know people.  It is not a high stress time, and some of my deepest worship and strongest leadings have come out of Fall and Spring Sessions.  Please consider attending.  More information can be found on the NYYM web site.

I look forward to traveling around the region in the fall and winter.  Please let me know if you would like  me to come see you, your Monthly Meeting, or your Region.  I am happy to help organize a weekend, a get together, or what ever your needs are.

Peace, and see you soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Be the change!

OK, one more post on this sunny Saturday morning.

In my life I have spent my fair share of time complaining about how things are getting done, or not done.  I complain, but don't always become part of the solution. It is a bad habit.  I think others share it.  It is easy for me to want something different from my Monthly Meeting, Regional Meeting, or Yearly Meeting.  I know that it is not my best trait. I think that it is the most humbling moment when Spirit, or Spirit in the guise of another person, challenges me to do something, rather than sit on my sorry behind.  I know this scenario intimately.  It is a problem with Spirit, or the gift.

So, here is a challenge.  If you have a concern with how things are going in your Monthly Meeting, Regional Meeting, or Yearly Meeting, consider becoming part of what is being done, rather than what is not being done.  There is room on nearly every committee, including, but not limited to Sessions and Young Adults Concerns Committee.  These particular committees plan and carry through on the conferences and Business Sessions (Silver Bay included!).  They are vibrant, interesting ministries.  If you are new to NYYM, or a regular, please consider serving on a committee.  The downside, or upside, is that once you become involved you will be held to BE the change.  Thing is, as part of one body, and with that of Spirit in each of us, we are all called to serve in some way.

How are you called?

Dare you rise to answer that call???

PS if you are called to work specifically on Young Adults Concerns Committee, or Sessions, PLEASE let me know.  they are looking for new members.

due to technical difficulties...

I wanted to post a photo of the Quaker cemetery in Brooklyn, but I could not figure out how to get it up from my phone/ipad etc.  SO, here it is!

YAY!  I did it!  What a lovely spot!

I hope to see you all in another lovely spot, Silver Bay.  It is the location of Summer Sessions.  If you have any questions, you can go to  You can also email me at  Please try to get a friend to go, maybe someone that has never been...

Peace, Friends, 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being open to picnics in cemeteries, and meeting new Friends...

I was blessed to worship with Friends at Brooklyn Monthly meeting this past Sunday. It was a nurishing worship, and I felt so grateful to be sitting in that lovely room with the huge windows. The message bubbled up in me, as I was looking at those huge windows, Be Open.
I found the Friends to be welcoming, and I got to meet many, and hope to visit there soon again. One thing that is great at Brooklyn MM is that there are many, many Young Adult Friends there. It felt so vibrant to me. They have several potlucks a year, and they even have Hike. Worship. Hikes. What a wonderful way to be together, get to know each other, spend time in nature and worship at the same time!

After Meeting For Worship, a kind Friend helped me and my family to find the Quaker Cemetary in Prospect Park. Never heard of it? You are not alone, although, there are hundreds of years of Friends buried there, and it is still an active cemetery. It is large, and in smack dab in the park, though well hidden and hard to find. It is not open to the public, but gets opened to Friends a few times a year. What a gem of a spot!

We enjoyed a potluck together. I felt comfortable and welcome. Then we had a worship sharing in the cemetery. There was a query and an advice offered. The sharing was lovely. It was a simple gathering, in an unlikely place that made for special fellowship and Sharing of the Spirit.

Thank you to Broooklyn MM for a great day.

I reminded the Friends, as I remind you, that Summer Sessions at Silver Bay Is fast approaching! PLEASE get your registration forms in ASAP. You can get information on registration on the NYYM web site. You can also contact me if you need. Low on funds? Please do not stay away because of money. You can ask your Monthly Meeting, Regional/Quarterly Meeting, and the Yearly Meeting for financial help. Be careful not to miss the deadline!

I am still trying to grow my followers list. My goal os 26 followers by Summer Sessions. Please invite a friend to follow me! Share me on Facebook! I also welcome feedback on content and format.

Peace Friends,


Monday, June 13, 2011

I wonder as I wander...

Hello Friends!
I have been wandering, and wondering.
***Yesterday I was at Ridgewood Monthly Meetng, and enjoyed a lovely worship. It was serendipitous that there was also a new YAF becoming a member. I tried explaining to him about what I do. I found myself saying, "let me know if you need anything." As it was coming out of my mouth, I knew that was vague. But what is it that YAF need from me? I am looking for input! Please email me NYYM.yafs@gmail, or call me at 607.749.0088 with how I can serve you or have questions you have about my role.

***I am cleaning up the YAF contact list. Please send me, if you have't already, contact info for you, or any YAF, between 18&35, who you think might want to be updated.

***I will be wandering over to Brooklyn MM on Sunday June 19, to worship, and attend a picnic. I hope to see some new, and familiar faces there.

***I would like to set a goal of 26 followers of this blog by July 17!! Can you help me reach that? Can you recommend my blog to someone you know?

***I am helping find a ride for a family with a young child to Summer Sessions. A mother and her son. They live in Northern New Jersey. Can you help?

***There is a great weekend coming up at Powell House, our retreat center. August 19 -21.
It is co-sponsored by CYF, and is part of the Feeding the Fire series. Check it out!! Register soon! Financial Aid is available!! Let me know if you want it. Do not stay away for lack of funds!!

Looking forward to more followers! Spread the word.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to Summer Sessions we go!

Hello Friends!
This is a Friendly reminder that it is time to sign up for Summer Sessions at Silver Bay.  This year it is July 17-23.  If you have not gone before, this is a great opportunity for worship, business, fellowship with other Circle of Young Friends (CYF), fun in a beautiful place and OH so much more.  The less expensive rooms fill up fast!  PLEASE register ASAP.  There are funds available to help anyone who would like to attend, but apply SOON.  How to register? 
I am going to register online today at
You can also get a form in this month's Spark and send it in.
If you have questions, please feel free to ask me at this email, or my phone 607 749 0088.
You can also ask Helen at the NYYM office, she knows it all! 212 673 5750.
IF  YOU ARE A FAMILY WITH YOUNG CHILDREN, OR KNOW OF A YAF WITH YOUNG CHILDREN, please note that we are going to have a cluster of rooms on the 3rd floor of the Inn, there are shared bathrooms, with tubs, that can be used. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.  I have a baby daughter, and I hope we can support each other.
I am looking forward to getting to know you.  I am soliciting ideas for what you need from me, or how I can be most helpful at Silver Bay, but also as YOUR field secretary.  Please spread this widely! I know I do not know all the YAF, so I need your help!
Please do not hesistate to ask any questions.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day by the River, and where I have been...

So, part of what I am doing right now, is getting to know Young Adult Friends in the Yearly Meeting.  So far I have been blessed to meet with several YAF.  In March I visited with YAF from Poplar Ridge MM, and the Ithaca area. I also worshipped with Elmira MM.  A couple weeks ago I had a lovely Sushi dinner with 2 Young Adult attenders from Morningside Monthly Meeting.  It was great to get to know them a little bit.  The next day, my husband, daughter and I worshipped at Morningside.  What a great experience!  First of all, this is where we were, on the 12th floor...what a view!
The worship was rich, and the fellowship was joyful!  There were several YA attenders there.  I am so grateful to the time I spent there, and cannot wait to go back another time. Would you like to join me?

Along that line, I would love to visit other Monthly Meetings!  I will be in New Brunswick in the fall, Brooklyn sometime in early summer.  Would you like me to come to have dinner with you? Coffee? Worship? Brunch? Potluck? Picnic? You name it!



Friday, April 22, 2011

Opportunity knocks

Hello Friends!
It is Spring, finally. I always think of Spring as a time of new beginnings. Things popping up that I had forgotten about, or surprises that remind me to expect the unexpected. I also feel like it have woken up and am coming to after a long a nap. In the case of this winter, a reeeeeeeeally long nap.

There are a number of super opportunities that are coming up that I would like to alert you to. I will be posting these from time to time, as they appear.

One that I would like to highlight is the opportunity to be a Young Friend in Resident intern (YFIR). There are 4 interns that live together at the Beloved Community House in NY, near Perry City MM and Ithaca MM. They plan youth retreats for youth in that part of the state, which is farther to Powell House. They also plan adult programming for the members and attenders of Perry City and Ithaca. They receive a small stipend, but free room, a CSA share, and a garden! They must be 21 or older to be an intern. The term is for 1-2 years. It is a tremendous opportunity to live in community, be a part of another meeting, and develop wonderful leadership qualities. I know that the current interns would love to talk to you about it. I can point you to them if you want to know more. Also, you can look on the NYYM website. The deadline is May 15, so act fast!

The weekend of the 29 of April to May 1 there is a wonderful program at Powell House, the NYYM retreat and conference center. It is being led by Callid and Christina Keefe-Perry. Living in the Power. It is part of the Feeding the Fire series. It seems powerful and relevant.
No money to go to Powell house conferences? No problem! There are funds available through PoHo, your meetings, and for this series there are special funds for YAF to go for FREE. Yes, FREE. Let me know if you are interested. If you have not yet been to a non-youth program at PoHo, I highly recommend that you go, if not to this one, to another one. I will keep you updated on what is coming up. You can look at for more information.

Another opportunity is to consider working on a Yearly Meeting committee. Of course there is the Young Adults Concerns Committee, which is really looking for new members right now. They organize Circle of Young Friends (CYF) and plan a few retreats a year. There are many other committees that are doing amazing work. I can help point you to nominating if you want to serve on a committee. If you are unsure about what that means, or where you might serve, and how, I would LOVE to talk to you. You can serve at the YM level, but also at the MM and Quarterly Meeting level as well. This can sound really daunting, and boring sometimes, but I have found committee work to be very satisfying, spiritually and interpersonally. It helps me to feel a part of a community and know others better. They, in turn, will know me better as well. Not a member of a meeting? No problem! There are many ways to get involved that do not require being a member. I look forward to many conversations with Friends about how they are being led in their lives.

BTW, please do not fear me, cowering away in fear that I will rope you into committee work. I will not chase you to be on a committee. Serving your faith community is a personal decision. I encourage you to think about it, but understand that there are many reasons why now is not the time.

Are you inclined to do work for the greater good? Have a project that helps people world wide, or locally? Talk to me about getting money to support your work from Witness Coordinating Committee. They contacted me and said they have money to give, and would be eager to know what you are working on.

Whew! That is plenty for now.

I would love to hear from you, with feedback, or as an introduction to you. You can email me at And please let others know about me, and my blog!

Peace to you in this season of renewal and natural wonder.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On the road again!

Hey! I travel! Want to meet me??

I will be at Vassar, near Poughkeepsie, on April 27. There is a gathering in the evening, and I can be there as early as Friends want, if you want to meet for coffee, or a walk.

I will be at Morningside Meeting, NYC, on May 7 and 8. May 7 in the afternoon, and then for worship on May 8. I will be hungry after. Would you like to have lunch with me?

I will be at the Farmington Scipio Spring Gathering May 20-22, central finger lakes region of NY. I cannot wait to hang out there!

I will be at Summer Sessions on Lake George July 17-23. SO MUCH FUN!

Want me to visit your meeting or area? Let me know!



Getting to know you...

Hello Dear Friends!
Welcome to my new blog. Never having blogged before, I am feeling quite pleased with myself for figuring this out and getting started. But that begs the question, who will read this blog? I am hoping that this will be a way to communicate, meet and get to know Young Adult Friends (YAF) from around the NY Yearly Meeting (NYYM). SO to that end, I am collecting emails and facebook friends of YAFs. It is my goal to get to know as many of you as possible. How to do this?
Here is a letter I am sending to Monthly Meetings and Regional meetings, please circulate.

Dear Friends,

My name is Gabi Savory Bailey, of Chatham-Summit MM. I have just begun serving as the new Young Adult Field Secretary for New York Yearly Meeting. In this role I will be working with attenders and members of the Monthly Meetings ages 18-35. This very well may involve young families. I hope to increase communication, and a sense of community. I am available for information and pastoral care and support. As this is a new position, I want to start by getting to know who the Young Adults are in our Yearly Meeting. I am very excited to get to know the YAF of NYYM! Please help me spread the word that I am looking for them. If there is an attender that may be looking to find Friends closer to their age, I can help. I need your help to make a list of names and contact information so that I can get myself in contact with and make myself available to them. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.
My contact information can be posted on your bulletin board (Is there a section for Young Adult Friends?) I am supplying a flyer and cards in this mailing.
You can read this letter during announcements.
You can forward this letter to Young Adult Friends (YAF) in your meeting.
You can email me and let me know who the YAF are, and their contact info, and I can get in touch with them.
I can come to your Monthly Meeting, Regional Meeting, or meet with YAF from your meeting during Summer Sessions. (Do they know about Summer Sessions at Silver Bay?) I would love to have a YAF get together in your neck of the woods!
If email is easier, I will email an electronic copy of this letter as well.
Alert them to read my regular articles in Spark.
I am on Facebook. Nyym Ya Fieldsecretary. Friend me!
Soon, I will be looking to get a web page going, and a blog, so look for that in the future.
Send me the contact information for a YAF who can serve as a point of contact in your meeting, or give them my info and they can contact me.

I am also putting together a "cluster" of rooms for families with young children at Silver Bay this year. If there is a family of YAF with young children, who might be interested in attending Summer Sessions, PLEASE encourage them to get in touch with me as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for all of your help! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions that you have. I can be reached at:
(607) 749-0088
FaceTime (contact me for address)
Skype: nyymyafs

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Gabi Savory Bailey

PLEASE talk to each other, and talk to me! I am very excited about this.

Here are some upcoming events to be aware of:

Farmington Scipio Spring Gathering, I hear this is great! I am planning on attending, Are you? See for details

Summer Sessions at Silver Bay. Spend a week on beautiful Lake George! There are business and committee meetings, Circle of Young Friends events, outdoor activities, and an opportunity to get to know other YAF from NYYM!! It is great fun! If you have a family, TALK TO ME. I have a young daughter and we want to get a cluster of rooms for families with young children. Short on funds? No problem! There are assistance funds to help you get there. Contact me with questions! Or see for details.

Feeding the Fire weekend at Powell House, the retreat center for NYYM. August 2011. See for details.

Circle of Young Friends conference, August 2011 topic and date and location, TBA.

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, feelings, thoughts, musings, concerns, need for support, or bad jokes. I look forward to getting to know you!