Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day by the River, and where I have been...

So, part of what I am doing right now, is getting to know Young Adult Friends in the Yearly Meeting.  So far I have been blessed to meet with several YAF.  In March I visited with YAF from Poplar Ridge MM, and the Ithaca area. I also worshipped with Elmira MM.  A couple weeks ago I had a lovely Sushi dinner with 2 Young Adult attenders from Morningside Monthly Meeting.  It was great to get to know them a little bit.  The next day, my husband, daughter and I worshipped at Morningside.  What a great experience!  First of all, this is where we were, on the 12th floor...what a view!
The worship was rich, and the fellowship was joyful!  There were several YA attenders there.  I am so grateful to the time I spent there, and cannot wait to go back another time. Would you like to join me?

Along that line, I would love to visit other Monthly Meetings!  I will be in New Brunswick in the fall, Brooklyn sometime in early summer.  Would you like me to come to have dinner with you? Coffee? Worship? Brunch? Potluck? Picnic? You name it!



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