Wednesday, August 24, 2011

in which I plan a trip out west...

I have just returned from Powell House, from a powerful and moving weekend led by Noah Baker Merrill.  It was thought provoking for me, and I will post about it later, when I have my words in order.  right now I am sending out a letter, that you may have seen on Facebook, or in your inbox, or heard at your meeting, but here it is, again.  I am taking a trip across the great state of New York.  September 14-21, 2011.  I want to meet as many Young Adult Friends as I can in that week!!  SO, read my schedule, and let me know of anyone I can meet.  If you are in that area, do speak up!  I cannot wait to see all of you!

Dear Friend,

My name is Gabi Savory Bailey, and I am the Young Adult Field Secretary for NYYM. I am making a trip out to your region! I am really looking forward to connecting with your Young Adult Friends. If there is time, I can also try to be available to speak with you, or members of your meeting who have questions, or concerns regarding Young Adult Friends in your meeting or Region.

I plan on making a trip in September. Here is my itinerary as it stands now. I will say where I will be staying that night, the days are flexible on how I break things up. In parenthesis are the meetings with which I hope to connect.

Wednesday 9/14 Albany area (Albany, Saratoga, Adirondack, Old Chatham, Hudson, Schenectady and others close by)

Thursday 9/15 Ithaca Area (Ithaca, Poplar Ridge, Central Finger Lakes, Perry City, Syracuse?)

Friday-Saturday 9/16-9/17 Buffalo for Farmington-Scipio Fall Gathering

Sunday 9/18 Rochester

Monday 9/19 Clinton (Mohawk Valley, Hamilton)

Tuesday 9/20 Binghamton (Butternuts, Binghamton, Unadilla)

I am still looking for Hospitality for me, My husband, and my infant daughter for the night in the Binghamton area.

Here is where I need your help. I need to know who the Young Adults in your meetings are, so that I can meet them! The age range for Young Adults is 18-35 ish. This can include families. I would love if you could help me advertise, and send my information to as many people that would fall into that category. Are there new attenders or members that might benefit from meeting other Young Adults in the area? It might be nice, if there are not many in your meeting, to meet others who are in the “neighborhood.” We can meet in the form of Worship, Worship Sharing, pure social gathering, potluck, a meal, a hike, we can be creative.

I will be at the Farmington Scipio Fall Gathering as well, and would love to see as many Young Adult Friends there as possible.

SO, please send this email to as many people as you can. Please announce it at Meeting for Worship. Please call YAF who might be interested but need encouragement. Please send me the information of YAF in your meeting.

If I can answer any questions, do not hesitate to call me. My email is
My phone number is 607.749.0088

Thank you for your Help and Support.


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