Saturday, June 25, 2011

Be the change!

OK, one more post on this sunny Saturday morning.

In my life I have spent my fair share of time complaining about how things are getting done, or not done.  I complain, but don't always become part of the solution. It is a bad habit.  I think others share it.  It is easy for me to want something different from my Monthly Meeting, Regional Meeting, or Yearly Meeting.  I know that it is not my best trait. I think that it is the most humbling moment when Spirit, or Spirit in the guise of another person, challenges me to do something, rather than sit on my sorry behind.  I know this scenario intimately.  It is a problem with Spirit, or the gift.

So, here is a challenge.  If you have a concern with how things are going in your Monthly Meeting, Regional Meeting, or Yearly Meeting, consider becoming part of what is being done, rather than what is not being done.  There is room on nearly every committee, including, but not limited to Sessions and Young Adults Concerns Committee.  These particular committees plan and carry through on the conferences and Business Sessions (Silver Bay included!).  They are vibrant, interesting ministries.  If you are new to NYYM, or a regular, please consider serving on a committee.  The downside, or upside, is that once you become involved you will be held to BE the change.  Thing is, as part of one body, and with that of Spirit in each of us, we are all called to serve in some way.

How are you called?

Dare you rise to answer that call???

PS if you are called to work specifically on Young Adults Concerns Committee, or Sessions, PLEASE let me know.  they are looking for new members.

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