Friday, April 22, 2011

Opportunity knocks

Hello Friends!
It is Spring, finally. I always think of Spring as a time of new beginnings. Things popping up that I had forgotten about, or surprises that remind me to expect the unexpected. I also feel like it have woken up and am coming to after a long a nap. In the case of this winter, a reeeeeeeeally long nap.

There are a number of super opportunities that are coming up that I would like to alert you to. I will be posting these from time to time, as they appear.

One that I would like to highlight is the opportunity to be a Young Friend in Resident intern (YFIR). There are 4 interns that live together at the Beloved Community House in NY, near Perry City MM and Ithaca MM. They plan youth retreats for youth in that part of the state, which is farther to Powell House. They also plan adult programming for the members and attenders of Perry City and Ithaca. They receive a small stipend, but free room, a CSA share, and a garden! They must be 21 or older to be an intern. The term is for 1-2 years. It is a tremendous opportunity to live in community, be a part of another meeting, and develop wonderful leadership qualities. I know that the current interns would love to talk to you about it. I can point you to them if you want to know more. Also, you can look on the NYYM website. The deadline is May 15, so act fast!

The weekend of the 29 of April to May 1 there is a wonderful program at Powell House, the NYYM retreat and conference center. It is being led by Callid and Christina Keefe-Perry. Living in the Power. It is part of the Feeding the Fire series. It seems powerful and relevant.
No money to go to Powell house conferences? No problem! There are funds available through PoHo, your meetings, and for this series there are special funds for YAF to go for FREE. Yes, FREE. Let me know if you are interested. If you have not yet been to a non-youth program at PoHo, I highly recommend that you go, if not to this one, to another one. I will keep you updated on what is coming up. You can look at for more information.

Another opportunity is to consider working on a Yearly Meeting committee. Of course there is the Young Adults Concerns Committee, which is really looking for new members right now. They organize Circle of Young Friends (CYF) and plan a few retreats a year. There are many other committees that are doing amazing work. I can help point you to nominating if you want to serve on a committee. If you are unsure about what that means, or where you might serve, and how, I would LOVE to talk to you. You can serve at the YM level, but also at the MM and Quarterly Meeting level as well. This can sound really daunting, and boring sometimes, but I have found committee work to be very satisfying, spiritually and interpersonally. It helps me to feel a part of a community and know others better. They, in turn, will know me better as well. Not a member of a meeting? No problem! There are many ways to get involved that do not require being a member. I look forward to many conversations with Friends about how they are being led in their lives.

BTW, please do not fear me, cowering away in fear that I will rope you into committee work. I will not chase you to be on a committee. Serving your faith community is a personal decision. I encourage you to think about it, but understand that there are many reasons why now is not the time.

Are you inclined to do work for the greater good? Have a project that helps people world wide, or locally? Talk to me about getting money to support your work from Witness Coordinating Committee. They contacted me and said they have money to give, and would be eager to know what you are working on.

Whew! That is plenty for now.

I would love to hear from you, with feedback, or as an introduction to you. You can email me at And please let others know about me, and my blog!

Peace to you in this season of renewal and natural wonder.


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