Monday, June 13, 2011

I wonder as I wander...

Hello Friends!
I have been wandering, and wondering.
***Yesterday I was at Ridgewood Monthly Meetng, and enjoyed a lovely worship. It was serendipitous that there was also a new YAF becoming a member. I tried explaining to him about what I do. I found myself saying, "let me know if you need anything." As it was coming out of my mouth, I knew that was vague. But what is it that YAF need from me? I am looking for input! Please email me NYYM.yafs@gmail, or call me at 607.749.0088 with how I can serve you or have questions you have about my role.

***I am cleaning up the YAF contact list. Please send me, if you have't already, contact info for you, or any YAF, between 18&35, who you think might want to be updated.

***I will be wandering over to Brooklyn MM on Sunday June 19, to worship, and attend a picnic. I hope to see some new, and familiar faces there.

***I would like to set a goal of 26 followers of this blog by July 17!! Can you help me reach that? Can you recommend my blog to someone you know?

***I am helping find a ride for a family with a young child to Summer Sessions. A mother and her son. They live in Northern New Jersey. Can you help?

***There is a great weekend coming up at Powell House, our retreat center. August 19 -21.
It is co-sponsored by CYF, and is part of the Feeding the Fire series. Check it out!! Register soon! Financial Aid is available!! Let me know if you want it. Do not stay away for lack of funds!!

Looking forward to more followers! Spread the word.


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  1. Hello Gabi. Are you planning to continue using this blog? Just wondering, as I was checking the NYYM website and saw your Blog. Hope your house moving is going successfully.
    Loving greetings, John Cooley 2/8/12