Friday, July 1, 2011

In which we look beyond Silver Bay...

OK, so Summer Sessions has not yet happened.  BUT I am looking into the future, and planning what is coming up.  Here is a collection of things coming up...

Powell House, our retreat center, has amazing programming all year!
 August 19-21 there is the last of the Feeding the Fire Series.  It is being hosted by two Friends from New England YM. it is a collaboration between CYF and  the Spiritual Nurture Working Group.  No money to attend?  NO PROBLEM. There is funding for YAF to go, for FREE to this conference.  and there is assistance available from a variety of sources.  Please see me if you are interested.

This is a big year at PoHo.  It turns 50. August  Many of us have been touched in a variety of ways by this magical place, an oasis for us to use.  There is a fun weekend planned, for August 25-28, at reduced rates, that looks wonderful.  It would be a great place to meet up with old Ffriends, and meet new YAF.

Here is a complete calendar for the rest of this year and next.

In January there are wonderful opportunities. Plan ahead!  One of my favorite weekends, and one I am co-leading, is the Creativity weekend the first weekend in February.  It is a delicious weekend of sinking into spirit through different creative mediums.  Please consider it.

But the fun does not stop at Po Ho. Oh NO!

I will be attending the regional meeting for Shrewsbury and Plainfield Half Yearly Meeting on September 24.  It would be great to organize a gathering of YAF there.

I will be attending Fall Sessions as well on November 11-13.  Let me put in a plug for Fall and Spring Sessions.  I actually really like them.  I love seeing Friends from NYYM that I would otherwise only see at Silver Bay.  I like bouncing in and out of the committee meetings, and choosing things that I am interested in.  I really like meals, and getting to know people.  It is not a high stress time, and some of my deepest worship and strongest leadings have come out of Fall and Spring Sessions.  Please consider attending.  More information can be found on the NYYM web site.

I look forward to traveling around the region in the fall and winter.  Please let me know if you would like  me to come see you, your Monthly Meeting, or your Region.  I am happy to help organize a weekend, a get together, or what ever your needs are.

Peace, and see you soon!

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