Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being open to picnics in cemeteries, and meeting new Friends...

I was blessed to worship with Friends at Brooklyn Monthly meeting this past Sunday. It was a nurishing worship, and I felt so grateful to be sitting in that lovely room with the huge windows. The message bubbled up in me, as I was looking at those huge windows, Be Open.
I found the Friends to be welcoming, and I got to meet many, and hope to visit there soon again. One thing that is great at Brooklyn MM is that there are many, many Young Adult Friends there. It felt so vibrant to me. They have several potlucks a year, and they even have Hike. Worship. Hikes. What a wonderful way to be together, get to know each other, spend time in nature and worship at the same time!

After Meeting For Worship, a kind Friend helped me and my family to find the Quaker Cemetary in Prospect Park. Never heard of it? You are not alone, although, there are hundreds of years of Friends buried there, and it is still an active cemetery. It is large, and in smack dab in the park, though well hidden and hard to find. It is not open to the public, but gets opened to Friends a few times a year. What a gem of a spot!

We enjoyed a potluck together. I felt comfortable and welcome. Then we had a worship sharing in the cemetery. There was a query and an advice offered. The sharing was lovely. It was a simple gathering, in an unlikely place that made for special fellowship and Sharing of the Spirit.

Thank you to Broooklyn MM for a great day.

I reminded the Friends, as I remind you, that Summer Sessions at Silver Bay Is fast approaching! PLEASE get your registration forms in ASAP. You can get information on registration on the NYYM web site. Www.NYYM.org. You can also contact me if you need. Low on funds? Please do not stay away because of money. You can ask your Monthly Meeting, Regional/Quarterly Meeting, and the Yearly Meeting for financial help. Be careful not to miss the deadline!

I am still trying to grow my followers list. My goal os 26 followers by Summer Sessions. Please invite a friend to follow me! Share me on Facebook! I also welcome feedback on content and format.

Peace Friends,


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