Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I invite you to register for Summer Sessions at Silver Bay, on Lake George, NY, July 22-28, 2012.  This is a wonderful week to meet new Friends, see old ones, gather with other Young Adults.  There are opportunities to worship, participate in Business, find out what committees are available,( if you are wondering, ) have fellowship and recreation.  It is a time when we can take time to be together as a Yearly Meeting.  If you have never been, it is nice to know what is going on at the Yearly Meeting Level.  There is no pressure to join a committee, but there is the opportunity to see what is happening on the committees, if you are curious.  There is also an opportunity to participate in Business Meeting.  If you are a parent of a young family, I am gathering interest about clustering housing, so you are near other families. let me know asap!

There was a hike in fees this year, as you may know.  BUT THERE IS A LOT OF MONEY TO BE GIVEN OUT AS SCHOLARSHIP.  I spoke to  Helen at the YM office, and she said that there is a lot of funds to be given out.  Last year they did not use all that there was available.  It is important that these get used, so that people know there is a need.  DO NOT BE SHY.  Please contact me, or Helen Garay Toppins  to find out how to get this money.  ( Helen's email isoffice@nyym.org)  It will be confidential, no one need know you asked.  
If you want money, this is the important part.  YOU NEED TO ASK FOR IT  by JULY 2!!!  

If you have questions about Sessions, please contact me, I will get you to the right person.

-worship sharing daily
-worship sharing for parents of young children
-Circle of Young Friends kayaking
-Daily meal discussions
-Ice cream social
-Interest Groups 
-Interest Group about the work of the Young Adult Field Secretary
-Interest Group about supporting and including families
-Bible study daily, led by Young Adult Friend, Margaret Webb
-Intergenerational games
-Plenary Speakers Jon Watts, and Maggie Harrison 
-Circle of Young Friends session with Jon and Maggie
-Intergenerational discussions
-Business Meeting
-Committee Meetings
and so much more!!

Also, if you are interested in serving on Young Adults Concerns Committee, please contact me, ASAP, they would love to have you!!

THIS IS IMPORTANT.  We are very interested in including people who have not previously been a part of Circle of Young Friends.  This is  NYYM's group for Adults 18-35 ish.  It is a gift to all of us, the more people are present.  If your needs have not been met in the past, let me know.  If you have been away a long time, please come back, we miss you.  If you are unsure, give us a try.  If there are changes you would like to see, BE PART OF THE CHANGE.  Your voice is important.  If you want to know other Young Adult Quakers, this is your chance. If you are an older Young Adult Friend, there is room for you too!  Please, join the circle!

You can learn all you need to know on www.nyym.org  But if there is anything else, PLEASE CONTACT ME.  I am here to make it easier for you!!

I look forward to seeing you at the Bay!!


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