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New newsletter for families and Young Adult Friends of NYYM

Now you know!

A newsletter for Young Adult Friends, and Families,
of New York Yearly Meeting

August/September 2013


You are getting this newsletter if you are a Young Adult Friend, 18- 35 ish (YAF) associated with New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM), or have a family in NYYM.  Feel free to unsubscribe if you do not wish to be a part of this list by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.  You can also change your email address there.  Know someone who would like to be added?  Let me know!! On the recent survey, many of you indicated that you would like to know about what is happening in the Yearly Meeting, as well as what opportunities there are for committee work, fellowship and conferences.   I also heard from a lot of people that they are looking to know others YAF and Families.  You told me that you wanted to hear about what I was doing as well.  SO, I will be sending out e-blasts to keep you informed of all the great things that are happening in NYYM. Please let me know if there is something that you would like to know, that I can address.  I hope this helps to include more people, especially those not on Facebook, in the wider conversation.  

Greetings Friend! 

 I hope that your summer is filling you with energy.  It is hard to believe it is August.  Due to the Summer months, I consolidated August and September into one Newsletter.  A word about this newsletter.  I know that there is a lot of information.  I invite you to skim, or to look at the list of articles and choose what is relevant to you.  I am not a graphic designer, and soon I will have someone help me with layout, and editing, but until then, use what is helpful to you, and refer back when you need it.  Spread it around.  Send it to your clerks, print it and post it at your meetings.  Use it however it is helpful!
         It is just a few weeks after Summer Sessions at Silver Bay.  It was a fruitful week for many of us who attended.  You can look here for an epistle from the 318th Sessions of NYYM.   380 adults and 116 youth registered.  Young Adults Concerns Committee (YACC) had several opportunities for worship, discussion and fellowship.  There were Family conversations that met for 3 age groups: preschool, elementary/Middle and Teen.  There was heartfelt sharing around the topic of the use of drugs and alcohol at our Sessions.  There was a very well attended Worship Sharing group for parents of young children.  I also gave a report, which you can see down below.  Every morning there was a lively discussion at 6 am on the porch of the Auditorium over coffee.  Committees and coordinating committees were busy doing the work they are  charged to do.  Many volunteers cared for and taught our youth in Junior Yearly Meeting and PM childcare. The youth themselves participated in important work in their age groups.  It was a busy week, and had many Spirit-Filled moments.  If you want to know more about what you missed, look at this page on the NYYM website.  Questions?  Ask me!  I can get you to the right person.
          Were you at Sessions?  Did anything speak to you?  Need help following those leadings now that you are home?  I am here, if you need help.
   Several people have asked me about what committees are available, and how to get involved on a committee.  I agree, this can be difficult to figure out.  I am happy to sit with anyone who wants to know more. 
FALL SESSIONS is fast approaching.  Summer is not the only time we gather to do the business of the Yearly Meeting!  You have other opportunities to  gather in work, worship and fellowship.  November 15-17 2013 Fall Sessions will be held at Caldwell College and Chatham Summit MM in Northern NJ. There will be a youth program! Ages 0-18.  Also there is a multi generational gathering with Chris and Mike from Powell House, on Friday night at Chatham Summit MM.  I hope to see many of you there!

 Do you have something you would like to share with YAF and Families in NYYM?  I would welcome photographs, artwork, poetry, essays, haiku, meaningful quotes and passages, you name it! There will be a youth program from 0-18 years old.  There will also be a multi-generational gathering on Friday night!    Please consider coming, the whole family, to Fall Sessions.

Peace and Blessings,

 Gabi Savory Bailey
Young Adult Field Secretary, NYYM—nyym.yafs@gmail.com



  • What is YACC?
  • Where has Gabi been? Where is she going?
  • Report from the Young Adult Field Secretary to NYYM
  • Upcoming conferences at Powell House, Pendle Hill and NYYM Young Adult Friends
  • Spotlight on a Young Adult Friend, Emily Provance, 15th St. MM
  • Spotlight on a committee, The new YACC Event Planning Sub-Committee
  • VOLUNTEER and INTERN opportunities, Young Friends in Residence, American Friends Service Committee 
  • 2014 Quaker Youth Pilgrimage to Bolivia and Peru is looking for Young Adult Leaders!  
  • What is going on with other YAF and Families in NYYM?

What is YACC?  

The Young Adults Concern Committee (YACC) is a committee of NY Yearly Meeting.  It is the committee that oversees the Circle of Young Friends (CYF) and the retreats they plan.  YACC also plans the CYF activities for Summer Sessions each year.  This committee is one way that Young Adults can find voice in the Yearly Meeting.  YACC is also interested in the spiritual nurture and care of Friends between 18-35 ish. YACC meets regularly throughout the year on the internet, and also in person at Summer Sessions, and one other annual meeting.
Currently sitting on this committee are: Jens Braun- Old Chatham MM, Rosie Stillman—Montclair MM,  Audrey Jaynes—Montclair MM,  Jenny Pronto Adirondack/Ithaca/Poplar Ridge MM,  Anthony Smith—New Brunswick MM, Alanna Badgley—Poughkeepsie MM, Joy Meilke--Wilton MM, Robin Mullaney, Nick Rozard, Alfred MM, Noah Pomerselig, New Paltz MM.  If you have any questions, ideas or concerns please contact a member of YACC.  You can also contact me to put you in touch with YACC.  Are you interested in getting involved with YACC?  They are actively looking for Friends who have gifts in organizing conferences, reaching out to new people, spiritual nurture, recognizing gifts, eldering, hospitality, and community development.   Contact me at nyym.yafs@gmail.com, or co-clerks Alanna Badgely and Audrey Jaynes.

Where have I been?  Where am I going?

 May 10-12 Leading a Family Weekend at Powell House  This was a Powell House opportunity for the WHOLE family. During this weekend we looked at what tools Quakerism gives us as families and individuals to help us in our daily life.  Through story, art, role playing, discussion, small groups, worship and active participation of people of all ages, we explored tools like holding someone in the light, worship/centering, simplicity, clearness committees/discernment and others.  We createe a “toolbox” that families and their members can use. There was not be childcare at this weekend, as the children were part of the sessions with the adults.  There was time for parents to talk about their experiences as well.  This was an opportunity for families to do meaningful Quaker work together!

June 9 and June 22 Gathering of Young Families and Young Adult Friends in Northern NJ.
I hosted 2 get togethers at my home, in Denville, NJ, near Morristown, on June 9 and 22. We did this last year, and it was a lot of fun.
We gathered for a BBQ/Potluck. :) All kids and significant others were welcome! There are more people interested in a regularly meeting group. This event was open to 18-35 ish year olds, and families that have young children. Spread the word to others you know! :) You can email me with questions. nyym.yafs@gmail.com
June 30 VIsit to WIlton MM, CT 

July 21-27 Summer Sessions, Silver Bay.  

Keeping Faith: Answering That of God in All Creation This is the annual NYYM Sessions held at Silver Bay on Lake George.  It is a residential gathering for people of all ages where we do our YM business, fellowship, speakers, Junior Yearly Meeting, committees, interest groups, swimming and activities, and worship.   There will be much more information coming up soon.  If you love Summer Sessions, tell people!  If you want to know more, contact me for information. Nyym.yafs@gmail.com.

September 7 Montclair MM, Facilitating a discussion for Religious Education

September 13-15 Advancement consultation, Powell House

September 20-22-- Facilitator at the Bridging the Gap conference, Richmond Indiana
This September 20-22, we will be gathering at Friends United Meeting's headquarters in Richmond, Indiana, to explore what it means to practice ongoing care for and ministry to our youth and young adults. What does it look like to lead a sustainable lifestyle, avoiding burnout while caring for younger Friends? What does it mean to experience the Sabbath rest that Jesus offers us (Matthew 11:28-30)?  Gabi will be offering a workshop! Please click on here (http://fum.org/bridging-the-gaps/) for more information.  I think it will be great.

October 5-6--Visit to Farmington MM.

October 11-12 Chatham Summit MM retreat

November 1-3 Family weekend at Powell House on Stewardship (please see description in Powell House weekends section.

November 13-15 Fall Sessions, hosted by All Friends Regional Meeting, Caldwell College and Chatham Summit MM, NJ.

Would you like me to come to your Meeting, or Region?  Would you like someone to support the work that is already being done there?  I am eager to travel to do a program, support an existing program, or simply sit and listen.  Contact me at nyym.yafs@gmail.com

Report from the Young Adult Field Secretary to the NYYM Sessions

On Wednesday on Summer Sessions, I gave a report to the Body.  It was based on what I have been hearing from various streams in my work.  If you are interested in reading it  go to (or click the link) http://www.nyym.org/?q=SummerSessions-2013-Report-FieldSecretary

 YAF CONFERENCES FOR NYYM ( families welcome! )

UPDATE on the YAF conference Replenishing the Well on self- care, May 31-June 2 Unfortunately, this weekend has been postponed.  We will let you know as soon as we can about when it has been rescheduled.  

Upcoming Powell House  and Pendle Hill weekends 

October 18-20 Fall Work, Contra Dance, and Storytelling

Want to use your skills? Want to learn new ones? Want to play, dance, and share in the best 57 acres of God's creation in Columbia County, NY? Bring your favorite tools, old clothes, and hearty appetites. We'll have plenty of work projects, inside and out, for all ages - and lots of good food to keep you sustained.  Contra Dance Friday night begins at 8:15pm. Bob Lohaus is our caller. The band will be headed up by Francis Lindop. Story-telling by Claire Beetlestone on Saturday night after a long day's work. Register by October 7th: $75 adults; $10 children & youth. After October 7th: probably no beds left! Childcare for 10 & younger with three weeks notice.

November 1-3 Stewardship: Loving Care of Ourselves, our Families, and the Bigger World

THIS IS A FAMILY WEEKEND.  It is intended for whole families to participate, thus, there is no child care as all children, no matter the age, will be in sessions with everyone else.  The sessions are intentionally planned to be multigenerational.
How do we answer Spirit's call to love and care for one another? How do we nurture that of God in our families, our friends, and ourselves? Join us for a practical, hands-on exploration of loving kindness through play, worship, art, and music. In this intentionally multi-generational weekend, all ages work together to develop connections within and between families. This weekend is coordinated and facilitated by Gabi Savory Bailey, Young Adult Field Secretary for NYYM and others. There will be planning support and input from a variety of other concerned individuals and NYYM committees.
Register by Oct. 21st: $220 for families of 1 or 2; $330 for 3 or 4; $440 for families of 5 or more. After Oct. 21st: $240/$360/$480

November 8-10 ARCH: Powell House Caregivers Weekend
  • Are you a caregiver?
  • Are you doing more than you used to in order to ensure a loved one is safe and healthy?
  • Are you visiting, calling, concerned, accompanying to the doctor, picking up groceries, or worried about a loved one's driving?
YOU are a caregiver and this weekend is for you. Whether you care for a parent, a partner, a friend, or a sibling, the increased responsibility for their care can be hard on you. Caregivers are at a remarkably high risk of burning out and becoming sick themselves. This weekend retreat will give you an opportunity to renew your internal health, tell your story, ask questions, seek support, learn about resources, and be with others who are on this same journey and understand. Previous participants highly recommend this weekend as a respite time to refill the well! Our weekend together will feature outside experts and relevant topics in addition to ARCH staff and Visitors. Extensive financial support is available to enable you to attend this weekend.Register by November 1st: $220 adults; $110 ages 13-22 and commuters; $55 infants-12. After November 1st: $240/$120/$60

November 22-24 Healing the Wounds of Our Warrior Selves: A Retreat for All Men Facing the Challenges of Modern Society
Society's expectations can wound you and cause you to wound others - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this retreat you will explore how Spirit leads you to healing and wholeness. Together, we will develop a healing community that will support your becoming the man you truly want to be and your Creator intended you to be. During this retreat we will consider these queries: What wounds have you suffered as a result of the expectations of your family, your teachers, your peers, and all of society? What wounds have you inflicted on yourself as you tried to "be a man" and "take it like a man?" What wounds have you inflicted on others because you accepted society's view of a man as a fighter, a warrior, and sometimes even a killer? The company of other men who share the Quaker spirit creates a safe space to explore the ways we have been wounded, the ways we have wounded others, and the ways all men are wounded. From this exploration we turn to hoe that of God within us may bring us healing and lead us in ways that will bring healing to others.
Sunfire (Robert Kazmayer) is a member of Easton Friends Meeting. 
Register by November 1st: $220 adults; $110 ages 13-22 and commuters; $55 infants - 12. Children's Program and Childcare provided with three weeks notice.
Upcoming Pendle Hill weekends

Lives of Service: A Working Retreat

September 20-22, 2013
Lloyd Guindon and Bob Denison
Join the Pendle Hill maintenance team for a working weekend of fun, service, fellowship, and celebration as we engage in weather-appropriate work projects to spruce up the grounds and buildings.

Sound Body: Yoga and Mindfulness

October 18-20, 2013
Katy and Daniel Hawkins
In this weekend intensive, explore fresh approaches to the meditation mind and deepen your yoga practice to live cello accompaniment by cellist/composer Daniel Hawkins.

Strategic Thinking: How Do I Get There from Here?

October 25-27, 2013
Clinton Pettus
This weekend course is designed to enhance our understanding of strategic thinking by drawing on our collective and individual experiences of planning and doing, or thinking purposefully about how we can get from where we are to where we want to be.

Permaculture Design Certification Course

October 20-30, 2013
Benjamin Weiss
Permaculture is a design science grounded in a three-fold ethic of care for the earth, care for people, and the fair distribution of wealth and resources.

Journey Toward Wholeness: A Courage & Renewal® Retreat Series

Valerie Brown and Carol Kortsch
10% discount if you register by August 31!
Based on the work of Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal®, this retreat series explores issues of transition, vocation, passion, life purpose, meaning, direction, and underlying life patterns to help us live in greater alignment with our values, reconnecting who we are with what we do.

Compassionate Communication

November 8-10, 2013
Jane Connor and Pamela Freeman
Drawing on the work of psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg and universal spiritual precepts, learn and practice skills to help you create and sustain fulfilling relationships.

Embracing the Shadow Self

November 10-14, 2013
Jeremy Taylor
With one of the foremost projective dreamworkers practicing today, we will explore the shadow side of ourselves – the parts we deny and project onto others.

Inquirers’ Weekend: An Introduction to Basic Quakerism

November 15-17, 2013
Ben Pink Dandelion and Deborah Shaw
Explore the basics of Quaker faith and practice and discover how they connect with your own spiritual experience. You will find opportunities for worship, discussion, sharing, and questions with fellow seekers and seasoned Quaker facilitators.

Heaven on Earth: Friends and the Second Coming

November 17-21, 2013
Ben Pink Dandelion, Doug Gwyn, and Deborah Shaw
How do we experience and practice heaven on earth today? This course will look at early Quaker apocalyptic spirituality and politics, and how early Friends reclaimed the message of Jesus and Paul. We will then look at Quaker history as a series of revisions, each suggesting how heaven and earth come together.

November 22-24, 2013
Arthur Larrabee
This is an opportunity for both new and experienced clerks of Friends’ meetings and committees to meet and think together about the role of presiding clerk.

Emmanuel: God Coming, God Present

November 29 – December 1, 2013
Mary Wade and John Meyer
Take the weekend after Thanksgiving to reflect on the paradox that God is both forever coming into our life and world and always with us if we but attend to the Living Presence.

Leading from Within, Sustaining Life Passion and Purpose: A Courage & Renewal® Alumni Retreat

December 13-15, 2013
Valerie Brown and Carol Kortsch
This retreat is offered only to those who have previously experienced Courage & Renewal® retreats. It offers a safe space in community where you can continue the deep work of renewing your inner life.

Open Heart, Peaceful Mind: A Retreat for Rest and Reflection

December 28, 2013 – January 1, 2014
Valerie Brown
10% discount if you register by August 31!
Relax into a time of serene rest and renewal.  Open to the new year’s unfolding with a retreat that honors your heart, mind, and soul. Practice mindful meditation, savor periods of silence, reflection with poetry and stories by the fireplace, discussion, an afternoon in the art studio, gentle yoga, and more.  Enter the new year with greater calm, clarity, and energy - and ways to sustain yourself in 2014.

Musical Masterworks of Allure and Transformation

December 28, 2013 – January 1, 2014
Karl Middleman
10% discount if you register by August 31!
Whether you are a classical music newbie or a seasoned enthusiast, prepare to be blown away by Karl Middleman’s navigation of the exciting musical cross-currents of such composers as Debussy, Stravinsky, and Prokofiev. Also included are American composers inspired by jazz and musical theater.

New Year’s Eve Celebration

December 31, 2013 – January 1, 2014
Join us for a joyous alcohol-free New Year’s Eve Celebration featuring hors d’oeuvres, an inspired home-cooked dinner with local organic ingredients, a chamber music concert with Maestro Middleman and family and surprise guest performers, and a candlelight Meeting for Worship to welcome the New Year.
There are funds available to help make conferences possible!  PLEASE contact me, Helen Garay Toppins (office@nyym.org) or the clerk of your Monthly Meeting to find out how to get financial assistance.  Questions about Transportation?  Let’s talk.  I bet there is a solution!

Spotlight on a committee:  YACC event planning sub-committee

PLEASE NOTE:This is an Ad Hoc Committee, and is not nominated through the Nominating Committee of NYYM.

The Young Adult Concerns Committee (YACC) is seeking Friends aged 18-35 who are interesting in helping plan and realize events for the Young Adult Friends (YAF) of our Yearly Meeting.  Do you know any such YAF who are seeking to become more involved in the life of the Yearly Meeting? Anyone who has a gift for event logistics, creative planning, promotion work, or the conducting of gatherings? We seek both younger and older YAF and YAF from all regions of our Yearly Meeting, because we want to plan events that are relevant for all.

Please advertise this newly formed YAF Planning Committee in your Monthly Meeting. Even if you are not a Young Adult Friend, we would love to have you contribute to our events as a guest speaker or workshop leader.

All those interested should contact the clerks of YACC, Audrey Jaynes and Alanna Badgley, by emailing them at the following addresses:
Planning Committee is responsible for the organizing and coordinating of community events, especially retreats. For each event, they will set the date, create the program, invite the speakers, promote the event, plan a schedule, run the retreat, and do any necessary follow-up. The Young Adult Concerns Committee will work with Planning Committee to help book the venue, hire the cook, handle registration, and create and distribute a ride list.

Planning Committee is responsible for three Yearly Meeting wide retreats each year, as well as developing and running YAF focused programming at Summer Sessions. The planning of regional events is encouraged but not required.  Planning Committee is not responsible for fundraising for events.  That responsibility belongs to YACC.

Planning Committee is a subcommittee of YACC, but is open to all Young Adults in the Yearly Meeting.  However, Planning Committee always includes at least one member of YACC who can report back to the supercommittee.

Volunteer and Intern Opportunities Abound and Abroad!

Young Friends in Residence (YFIR)
Are you interested in living in a Quaker community with other young adult Friends? If so, then Young Friends In Residence (YFIR) may be the perfect program for you!
We are looking for young adult interns who will live in intentional community with 1-2 other interns.  Work includes developing youth and adult programs focused on creating a space for friends of all ages to experience, live in and respond to Spirit.  Interns are encouraged to immerse themselves in the local community and participate in the life of Perry City Monthly Meeting and the wider Quaker Community.  An openness to grow and deepen spiritually is required as is experience in Quaker practices.
If you have any questions, or want to request more information, including a more extensive job description and an application, please email us at YFIRwg@gmail.com
To read about what previous interns have done visit their blog at http://youngfriendsinresidence.blogspot.com/

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)  

American Friends Service Committee has many opportunities to volunteer, and to intern.  Learn more at www.afsc.org

2014 Quaker Youth Pilgrimage to Bolivia & Peru

Cradles of Andean Quakerism

July 22 -August 21, 2014

The Quaker Youth Pilgrimage Program Committee is deep in the planning of a 2014 experience to be hosted by Andean Friends in Peru and Bolivia. We are working carefully and prayerfully to construct the first QYP experience to be held entirely in evangelical yearly meetings as well as the first Quaker Youth Pilgrimage in South America.

Application forms now available for pilgrim and leader applicants

 pilgrim application. [177KB PDF] Apply by December 1, 2013 Must be between 16-18 years of age
 leader application. [163 KB PDF] Apply by November 15, 2013.  Must be Over 18 and proficient in both English and Spanish.
This is what we can tell you at this time:
  • The pilgrimage will begin in Southwestern Peru and end east of the Andes in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • The exact dates are still under discussion and will be announced soon. The pilgrimage is one month long and will likely be around mid-July to mid-August of 2014
  • The total number of pilgrims will be limited to the customary 28, with an expanded number of leaders (5-6) who will need to share the added responsibilities of interpretation and translation
  • The age range will be the traditional ages for the FWCC pilgrimage, 16-18 years of age at the time of the program.
  • The mix of pilgrims will be roughly nine from Perú and Bolivia, nine from other yearly meetings in the Section of the Americas and nine from the Europe & Middle East Section.
  • Spanish proficiency is recommended but not required
  • We will try to hold the cost of the pilgrimage to within the norms of past experiences.
Please refer to this page regularly as updates and registration information will be posted here as they become available.

Spot light on a NYYM Young Adult Friend: Emily Provance, 15th St. Meeting

 How did you come to Quakerism and why did you stay?
I came to Friends because I'd tried every other religion I could think of!  In my second meeting, someone offered vocal ministry which included Fox's famous quote, "There is that of God in everyone."  I had never heard anyone say this before, but it so exactly summarized my own beliefs that I knew I had found my home.

What Quaker work have you done, or do you do?
I've mostly worked with kids.  Beyond that, I serve on the Nominating Committee of my monthly meeting and the Advancement Committee of New York Yearly Meeting.  Recently, I was asked to substitute as clerk for one Fifteenth Street business meeting.  I found this pretty frightening, but more experienced Friends helped me, and the meeting went very smoothly.  (Phew.)

What is a gift of Quakerism for you?
I love the concept of the internal dictionary, of listening for meaning instead of words.  I say "God."  Many other Friends say "Spirit, Light, Divine, Jesus Christ, the Lord, Mother Goddess," etc.  Outside of our own faith, people use "Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, Great Spirit," and dozens if not hundreds of other names.  But we can trust each other and believe that we all mean the same thing.

What is a challenge of Quakerism for you?
Sometimes I struggle with pride, and sometimes with feelings of inadequacy, in terms of the whole idea of receiving ministry directly from God.  That's a heady concept!
An Elder recently told me - though not in these exact words - to "quit worrying, chill out, and do your best; the worldly feelings will drop away naturally over time, and you'll be fine."  So far, I'm finding that to be excellent advice.

How does Quakerism impact your life work?
I'm a teacher, and I believe that God can and does guide me in that work.  Meeting for Worship is huge for me because I use it as a check-in: "Okay, God, how am I doing?"  Sometimes specific inspiration even comes to me as I worship - what to do about a certain child, or a certain situation.  That's pretty cool.

Know a young adult, or parent of a young family, who is doing good work?  Let me know, so I can include them. nyym.yafs@gmail.com

What’s going on with YAFs and families in the Yearly Meeting?

These are examples of gatherings past and present.  If you see something interesting, see me and I will set you up with a contact person.

15th Street MM
- Friends under 40 (anyone is invited) meet once a month after Meeting for Worship, choose a local eatery (inexpensive preferably) and walk to lunch.  It is a very informal gathering, for fellowship and food.

Brooklyn MM- Young Adult Friends meet for a potluck once a month at the home of one of the YAF from the meeting.  There is time for food, worship and fellowship.  At least once a year there is also a gathering in the old Quaker cemetery in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, for a picnic, and sometimes worship.  They also organize hikes, and other excursions outside of the city.

Ithaca area MM -- YA Friends gather once a month at Burtt House, a property owned by Ithaca  Monthly Meeting, in Ithaca.  They have a potluck and fellowship.

Rochester MM Parents worship sharing--  Rochester Friends met for an hour of parents' worship sharing while their children engage in an activity downstairs. The meeting begins with silent worship, followed by individual check in, then a query and worship sharing.  Afterwards there is a family pot luck dinner.

Rochester MM family worship--This was an experiment in a monthly opportunity for semi-programmed Worship for people of all ages.

Brooktondale worship group--This group is under the care of Poplar Ridge Monthly Meeting.  They meet the first Sunday of the month at a community center.  People of ALL AGES are welcome. The format will be very simple. It will start with a query, prayer, scripture, poem or song to help lead us into worship together.  Then we will sit together and share as led until 5PM.

Princeton area worship group --Friends gather at the home of one of the members for worship once a week.

NJ/AFRM family worship and potluck--This fall, five families with children ranging from 18 months to high school age, met for worship sharing, a potluck and fellowship.  We had the worship sharing in the nursery, all we welcome to participate.  The younger ones of us popped in and out.  It was a great opportunity to meet other families, and get to know each other a little better.  We hope to do it again.

All Friends Regional Meeting Arts Day--All Friends Regional Meeting experimented with forging and nurturing friendships among Friends across the region and generations by conducting an Arts Day at Chatham Summit Monthly Meeting one late Saturday afternoon and evening in April of 2012. It was a resounding success with 48 children and adults attending, many of them young families. Artists from various meetings oversaw mini-workshops in sculpting, fabric construction, origami, book-cover making, and beaded jewelry making.  A show and tell, potluck and singing finale capped off a very enjoyable arts day. One parent said she felt like she had been on vacation and a child asked if we could do it every week!

June 29  Family Day at Easton MM, Easton, NY.
Easton Meeting invited families with school-age and preschool children from all of the Northeastern Regional Meeting to Family Day,Saturday, June 29 - a program of fun, fellowship and getting acquainted. This program was presented as a response to parts of three Advices from Faith and PracticeFrom Advice Five: "Meetings are urged to help parents and children share religious experiences at home and in the meeting for worship and to give them an understanding of the principles and practices of Friends."From Advice Six: "Parents and older Friends are advised to be sensitive to the insights of younger people and to keep a close and sympathetic contact with them."From Advice Seventeen (adopted July 27, 2012): "Friends are advised … to share with our children and others our love for God's creation." We also recognize that many Meetings do not have a sufficiently large group of school-age children to have a vital and meaningful First-Day school or youth program. We are thinking "out of the box," and hope that this day will inspire other Meetings in our region to find ways for Meetings to work together to communicate to our children our Quaker values and how we have learned to live these values.


November 15-17, 2013 Fall Sessions will be held at Caldwell College, and Chatham Summit MM, both in Northern NJ.  This is an easy commute from NYC, and is a wonderful opportunity to see what committees and the body of NYYM are doing.  There will be an Multi-generational gathering and fellowship on Friday Evening.   There will be Youth programming for ages 0-18 throughout the whole sessions weekend.

Questions?  Please contact me, Gabi Savory Bailey, and I will get you to the right people.  (nyym.yafs@gmail.com)

Friday, April 4, 2014 - April 6, 2014 
Spring Sessions will be held 

Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rochester NY, and will be hosted by Farmington Scipio Regional Meeting.

Do you have ideas for this newsletter?  I love feedback!  Do you have photos, drawings, stories, news items, jokes, quotes?  Send 'em over! nyym.yafs@gmail.com
Inhale Love.
Exhale Gratitude

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