Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Opportunities abound!

There are so many opportunities coming up for Young Adult Quakers!  Here are a couple, then a description of each, lower down.  Please consider them, they are brought by deeply faithful and engaged Friends.  I will continue to post them here as things come up!


  • Pendle Hill June 14-19, Continuing Rev_l_tion: Be Brought Low, and Back to the Root -- A Young Adult Friends Conference on Simplicity www.pendlehill.org/yald


Dear Friends,

Pendle Hill is delighted to announce an exciting opportunity from June 14-19, 2013 for all young adult Quakers in North America.  Continuing Rev_l_tion: Be Brought Low, and Back to the Root -- A Young Adult Friends Conference on Simplicity will be a powerful, action-oriented six-day gathering offered at Pendle Hill in Wallingford, PA. This is the second year of this amazing new conference series, and it will be held at Pendle Hill from June 14-19, 2013.  We hope you will share the following information and attached flyer with all young adults in your community.

We invite all Young Adult Friends (ages 18-35) to be a part of this six-day conference designed to strengthen a networked generation of awakened and effective spiritually grounded change agents.  The program will include inspirational speakers, workshops and trainings, worship and worship-sharing, fellowship, discernment of gifts and ministry, service and direct action.  We are calling all young adult Friends who feel a movement in our generation to create the world we believe is possible.  At its core, this conference is about providing the foundational skills and training to inspire revelation -- or revolution -- as we strive to live into Spirit-led relationship with ourselves, our communities and the earth.  

We are currently accepting applications at www.pendlehill.org/yald.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and applicants will be notified within 2-3 weeks of submitting their application.  Program fees are $300 per participant.  This year, we have a special “Bring a Buddy” discount for individuals who register before April 1, 2013!! Apply now, and encourage a F(f)riend to apply too – if they apply, you will receive $50 off your conference cost.  This discount only applies to full-time participants; more details can be found on the application.  Please note: there will be scholarships available for participants who need support, and interested individuals should consider asking their monthly/yearly meetings or communities for financial assistance.

More information about the conference can be found at www.pendlehill.org/yald.

Please share this opportunity with everyone you know, and encourage those with interest to apply.  Any questions or inquiries should be directed to ehiggs@pendlehill.org.

In friendship, 

Emily Higgs
Conference Coordinator



QVS has launched our pilot project in Atlanta, GA, one house of seven QVS volunteers. We will open houses in Philadelphia, PA and Portland, OR this year. All three projects are under the spiritual care of Friends meetings and churches. Please check out our locations pages to find out more information about each city. QVS is open to young adults who are interested in living in intentional Quaker community, experiencing Quaker worship and process, and openly engaging questions of faith and service in the world. QVS volunteers live together in simple community, immersed in Quaker spiritual practices. QVS volunteers are placed in full time positions in agencies and organizations that offer direct support to marginalized individuals and communities, and that strive to transform unjust structures. Volunteers receive shared housing, living expenses, food and transportation allowances, a small personal stipend, health insurance and training and support from QVS.


QVS welcomes applications from young adults between the ages of 21-35, who are US citizens, and who are self-motivated, mature, and stable. Volunteers should want to grow in the areas of spirituality, justice, community, and simplicity/sustainability. Volunteers often find themselves in new and unexpected situations, so flexibility, openness, and a sense of humor are essential.
QVS is open to persons from all spiritual traditions. However, there is a strong expectation that you will engage in regular Quaker worship and practice, so volunteers who are not Quaker should be interested in exploring and learning about this faith tradition.  QVS does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, creed, culture, disability, economic class, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.
Because of the nature of the work and community life, applicants are requested to be in good physical and emotional health.

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